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Granard Primary School

Cortis Road, Putney, London, SW15 6XA
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Growing Together, Achieving Together
Parents have commented that "Granard is a well managed school with good and helpful staff", "All staff are hardworking and care for the children", "Granard is a wonderful school; it is diverse and electric with fun, caring and very hardworking staff", "My children enjoy their time at school". Early Years parents have said "I am very pleased with the start my child has made in Reception. He has made good progress already", "I'm more than happy to have chosen Granard for my child". KS1 parents have said "We think the school is fantastic - good teaching and a good ethos", "My children are very confident and enjoy learning". KS2 parents have said "She has really done well and I'm a proud parent".

3P Murphy

3P Murphy

Teacher - Miss A Pinkess

LKS2 Hours

Morning session  :  8.45 a.m.   –   12.45 p.m.

Lunch  :  12.45 p.m.   –   1.40 p.m.

Afternoon session  :  1.45 p.m.   –   3.20 p.m.


Break  :  10.30 a.m. - 10.45 a.m.

PE and Swimming Timetable

Year 3 have PE and Swimming on a Tuesday, alternate half terms.

Year 3 Archaeologists

Year 3 Archaeologists 1

Rockets in 3P Murphy


This week in class we made rockets based on the story 'Whatever Next!' by Jill Murphy.


We are going to use them in our class author display to go outside the classroom.


Written by Tyler, Rabbah, Eylul and Fareeh

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Year 3’s Art Day - March 2017


First, on art day we sat on the carpet and talked about what printing is and how to do it. We all had a square of polystyrene and we had to carve our Stone Age ideas onto it using a sharp pencil. We then painted the polystyrene square and printed it onto a blank sheet of A3 paper. We were so happy with our results!

Shazaine, 3P Murphy


3M Helping the Local Police


On Friday, 30th September 3P Murphy met the Police so we could learn about speed safety. Alex caught somebody speeding and so did Shazaine.  We even got to go on the Police motor bike.  At the end we got a booklet all about speed safety and some people got a sticker.  Not everyone caught somebody speeding.  It was so much fun!                                                                      

Ashleigh, 3P Murphy

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