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Granard Primary School

Cortis Road, Putney, London, SW15 6XA
Tel: 0208 788 3606, Fax: 0208 785 4515, Email:

Growing Together, Achieving Together
Parents have commented that "All staff are hardworking and care for the children", "Granard is a wonderful school; it is diverse and electric with fun, caring and very hardworking staff". Early Years parents have said "I am very pleased with my child's progress since starting the school", "She seems to love school". KS1 parents have said "We think the school is fantastic - good teaching and a good ethos", "My children are very confident and enjoy learning". KS2 parents have said "She has really done well and I'm a proud parent"

RT Child

RT Child

Reception Teacher - Miss H Troup

Nursery Nurse - Mr S Smith



Reception Hours

Morning session  :  8.55 a.m.   –   11.40 a.m.

Lunch  :  11.40 a.m.   –   12.40 p.m.

Afternoon session  :  12.40 p.m.   –   3.10 p.m.


Breaks  :  10.10 a.m. - 10.25 a.m. and 2.15 p.m. - 2.30 p.m.

PE and Swimming Timetable

RS Child has PE on a Friday and Swimming on a Monday

Reception’s visit to Pizza Express

Wednesday, 2nd November 2016

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As part of our Big Bang start to our topic on food, all Reception classes visited 3 different pizza express restaurants and found out how to make pizza!  We rolled out the dough and then created the topping.  The best bit was bringing our cooked pizza back to school and taking it home to eat!

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Sound Pronunciation Guide

Learn how to pronounce pure sounds from Set 1 Sounds through to Set 3 with 5 year-old Sylvie.

Helping your child to read at home

This film is a teaching tool for parents to assist their child to read at home. Please watch in HD quality by pressing on the 'cog symbol' on the right bottom of tool bar and changing the settings to 1080p HD.

Help your child read at home - Clip One

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