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Granard Primary School

Cortis Road, Putney, London, SW15 6XA
Tel: 0208 788 3606, Fax: 0208 785 4515, Email:

Growing Together, Achieving Together
Parents have commented that "Granard is a well managed school with good and helpful staff", "All staff are hardworking and care for the children", "Granard is a wonderful school; it is diverse and electric with fun, caring and very hardworking staff", "My children enjoy their time at school". Early Years parents have said "I am very pleased with the start my child has made in Reception. He has made good progress already", "I'm more than happy to have chosen Granard for my child". KS1 parents have said "We think the school is fantastic - good teaching and a good ethos", "My children are very confident and enjoy learning". KS2 parents have said "She has really done well and I'm a proud parent".

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher – Mrs C Grigg

Deputy Headteacher – Mr A Wheeler

Deputy Headteacher – Miss L Murray

Assistant Headteacher – Mr A Dark

School Business Manager – Mrs S Broaster

Teaching Staff


Early Years


Mrs L Peterson (EY Phase Leader)


Nursery Teacher – Mrs L Peterson

Nursery Nurse – Miss L Apicella

Nursery Assistant – Mrs L Byrne


Nursery Practitioner – Miss C Steele

Nursery Nurse – Mrs J Thrussell

Nursery Assistant – Mrs R Tugwell


RC Rosen

Reception Teacher – Miss P Clark

Teaching Assistant – Miss L Smith

RT Child

Reception Teacher – Miss H Troup

Nursery Nurse– Mr S Smith



Key Stage 1

Miss E Watt (KS1 Phase Leader)

1D Hughes

Teacher – Miss G Dunne

1F McKee

Teacher – Miss D Clark

1M Seuss

Teacher – Miss L Morrell


2GS Foreman

Teachers – Mrs J Garcia and Miss E Watt

2R Potter

Teacher – Miss S Rahmani

2T Burningham

Teachers – Mr W Titterton


Lower Key Stage 2

Miss K Burrett (LKS2 Phase Leader)

3B Dahl

Teacher – Miss K Burrett

3M King-Smith

Teacher – Miss A McAvoy

3P Murphy

Teacher – Miss A Pinkess


4S Lewis

Teachers – Mr S Shields

4B Walliams

Teacher – Miss J Breeze


Upper Key Stage 2

Mrs B Walters (UKS2 Phase Leader)

5W Wilson

Teacher – Mrs B Walters


5S Morpurgo

Teacher – Miss F Smith


6A Rowling

Teacher – Mr C Albinson


6M Pullman

Teacher – Miss R Marsh


Specialist Teachers

Maths Leader – Miss K Burrett

Music Teacher – Mrs R Chapman

PE Leader – Mr J Ardrey

Phonics/Reading Recovery – Mrs R Busby

SEN Teacher - Miss B Musumeci

SENCOs – Miss R Pointer and Mrs M Zielinska-Pietruszka

Swimming Teachers – Mrs E Burnell, Mrs K Carter, Mrs A Filbey and Mrs T O’Sullivan


Teaching and Learning Support Assistants

Mr R Agyapong

Miss M Ali

Mrs W Bolt

Mrs D Clark

Mrs S El Asri

Miss J Evans

Miss J Francis 

Mrs D Grabda

Mrs S Harewood

Miss M Hart

Miss M Henderson Reilly

Mr A Innes

Miss S Jones

Mrs L Lyons

Mrs S Murtaza

Miss R Neofetou

Mrs J O’Driscoll

Mrs L Sheerin

Mr V Srilangarajah


Other Support Staff

EMAG Teaching Assistant – Mrs P Sheikh

Family Liaison Officer – Miss C Partridge

Learning Mentor – Mrs K Doswell

Reading Recovery Teaching Assistant – Mrs J Timpson

SEN Teaching Assistant – Mrs A Ovakimian


Office Staff

School Business Manager – Mrs S Broaster

PA to the Headteacher and SLT – Mrs K Humphreys

Finance Officer – Mrs D Sullivan

Administration Assistant – Miss S Steward

Administration Assistant – Miss D Turner

HR Adviser – Mrs S Panattoni


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs W Ahmadzai

Miss D Barton

Miss A Bell

Mrs S Bolt (Nursery)

Miss T Flanagan

Ms S McWilliams

Miss G Welch (Nursery)


Site Staff

Site Manager – Mr S Andrews

Premises Assistant – Mr C Nolan



Mr N Akonor

Miss L Beltre Feliz

Mr J Brown

Ms W Busby

Mr J Cadena

Mr A Miguel Francisco


Mr D Pinera

Mr V Quezada Martinez

Mr S Sagisi De La Cruz

Mr Q Sumbicay

Miss L Walters


Breakfast Club/After School Care

Manager – Mrs S Osunkoya

Mrs E Percival

Ms J Ndlovu

Miss D Barton