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Granard Primary School

"Growing together; Achieving together"
School will open to all children in Years 1 - 6 on Monday, 7th September. We hope that you all have a good summer. Be safe.

Activities and work the children have been doing during school closure.

Huge congratulations to Carla in 6R for coming runner up in the Year 6 category of entries of the Wandsworth Poetry Competition! Well done, Carla; we are really proud of you! We hope you continue to enjoy writing poetry as you move to secondary school.

Nursery made a rainbow to say "thank you"

Aliyah (4B)


Children in Year 6 were tasked with writing a diary entry about their favourite day during lock down. Here is Bethanie's diary entry. 

Ailsa (5S)

Fatima (6M)

Faizan's snooker table and Theo's Lego cinema (5H)

Ace (1D)

Olivia (4B)

Dana (RP Rosen)

Michaela (1D)

Ediz (RP Rosen)

Theo (5H)

Amyah (3R)

Laiba (3R)

Alfie (4T)

Kayla (3T)

Bradley (RT Child)

Shanade (6M)

Imogen (1M)

Rafik (RP Rosen)

Matilda, Chloe, Isabelle (Nursery)

Joshua (RP Rosen)

Caitlin (5H)

Kodi (2F) and Tye (6R)

Shana (3T)

Ashleigh (6M)

Arlo, Ming and Kyron (6R)

Joshua (RP Rosen)

Jessica (6M) and Layla (2F)

Salma (4B) and Safiya (5S) - Puppet Show

Amelia (2F)

Tye (6R) and Kodi (2F)

Olivia (4B)

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