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"Growing together; Achieving together"
Parents have commented that "Granard is a well managed school with good and helpful staff", "All staff are hardworking and care for the children", "Granard is a wonderful school; it is diverse and electric with fun, caring and very hardworking staff", "My children enjoy their time at school". Early Years parents have said "I am very pleased with the start my child has made in Reception. He has made good progress already", "I'm more than happy to have chosen Granard for my child". KS1 parents have said "We think the school is fantastic - good teaching and a good ethos", "My children are very confident and enjoy learning". KS2 parents have said "She has really done well and I'm a proud parent".

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


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Year 5’s visit from the Riot Act Theatre Company


On Wednesday, 15th March The Riot Act Theatre Company presented a fantastic workshop to Year 5. Pupils took part in an interactive, theatrical workshop where they investigated a crime scene involving a cyclist and a pedestrian. Children learned aspects of how to be safe when cycling and scooting and explored attitudes towards what safety means and false perceptions of safety when cycling or scooting. They also developed an understanding of the consequences of being involved in a collision between a bike/scooter and a pedestrian. It was a great opportunity for children to learn practical ways of how to stay safe when cycling and scooting.

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Year 5 Art Day


In our Art Day we looked at pointillism. Pointillism is the artistic technique of using dots to paint a picture. First we sketched out our picture in light pencil, we then used cotton buds, dipping them into the paint and dotting them on the page. Then we built the colours up by dotting other colours on top. I really enjoyed it. My favourite part was doing the sea, I used a mixture of blue, purple and green.

Milo, 5S Morpurgo

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Year 5 trip to The Oval


Children from Year 5 and 6 were invited to participate in the Maurice Fulcher Cricket Tournament at The Kia Oval, home of Surrey Cricket Club, on Monday, 28th November.  Despite little cricket experience the children gave a really good account of themselves and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Impressive performances came from Waleed (6T Pullman) with some great bowling and Sameed (5B Wilson) with some great batting including a 6!


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