Granard Primary School

"Growing together; Achieving together"


Principles for Assessment


At Granard Primary School we believe assessment is fundamental to being able to extend and challenge children’s learning so that they can fulfil their potential.  It informs planning and provides learning focus in lessons, driving knowledge, skills and understanding.  Assessment provides evidence as to the effectiveness of teaching and learning, informing the school of the impact of practice by measuring pupil progress and attainment.  We believe that School Development should be evidence based.  As such, assessment underpins it.


Assessment is at the heart of teaching and learning in our school:

  • Assessment provides the opportunity to guide teaching and learning

  • Assessment provides the opportunity for children to demonstrate and review their progress


Assessment is based on the National Curriculum and features Performance Descriptors

  • Formative assessment is based on specific learning objectives

  • Summative assessment is measured using Performance Descriptors

  • Performance Descriptors are used to measure achievement against year group expectations. The Performance Descriptors used are below national expectation, working towards national expectation, working at national expectation and mastery


Assessment is valid

  • Assessment measures the area of learning that it is intended to assess

  • Assessment measures what pupils can achieve independently

  • Assessment is free from bias towards factors that are not relevant to what the assessment intends to address


Assessment is consistent

  • Assessments are formed according to agreed principles

  • Moderation is used to compare pupils, class, local and national schools


Assessment is transparent

  • Assessment outcomes are conveyed in an open and honest way to assist children with their learning

  • Results are readily understood by third parties


Assessment is respectfully implemented

  • Assessment feedback is positive focusing on what children can do to develop

  • Individually named data is only shared with relevant individuals

  • Pupil privacy is maintained