Granard Primary School

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If you wish to talk to a SEN co-ordinator, email:

Mrs M Zielinska-Pietruszka -

Miss R Pointer -


or call 0208 788 3606

Special Educational Needs Information Report

Welcome to our warm and friendly primary school

Granard Primary School is an inclusive school with a strong commitment to meeting the needs of all our students.  All staff work together to ensure that lessons include a range of tasks and ways of working, and extra-curricular activities are accessible to all students. We also provide a range of additional support for students who have been identified as having a specific need. We support children with a range of needs such as: Cognition and Learning, Social Emotional and Mental Health (including behaviour), Speech, Language and Communication, and Physical needs.


As a staff, we understand that at times you may have concerns about your child’s wellbeing or learning. We have an experienced and well trained SEN team, who work together to plan, deliver and monitor tailor-made support for our pupils.

The information in this report is accurate now, but we regularly review and make changes to what we offer and keep this information as up-to-date as possible.