Granard Primary School

"Growing together; Achieving together"

Inclusion Quality Mark (IQM)

On the 12th June 2023, the IQM assessor visited the school to carry out a review of Granard Primary School’s Centre of Excellence targets, and we continue to be a Centre of Excellence.


Here are some quotes from the report we have received.

  • When visited during the review day, the learning environment was calm and nurturing.  All the children were engaging with the teacher and other adults.  I was told that therapy is part of every minute of the day.
  • Inclusive practices, a child centred approach and systems of identification, support and review are well embedded in the school with a strong commitment to meeting pupils’ individual needs.  There is great flexibility in how the school supports its pupils.
  • A calm, purposeful, learning and teaching atmosphere pervades the whole school and behaviour for learning observed during the assessment was exemplary.
  • Relationships between pupils and school staff were observed as being excellent. The whole-school environment is bright, spacious, and well-organised.
  • The school delivers a broad, balanced, and creative curriculum designed to give the children a wealth of learning opportunities.
  • Pupils feel safe and cared for at Granard Primary School.
  • Granard has stable, happy staff and the wellbeing of pupils and staff is a priority.
  • Support staff shared the really caring atmosphere and community feel of the school. “I wouldn’t have applied to work here, if I didn’t like the school as a parent.”
  • Parents are effusive in their praise of the school and the incredible support that the school has given to them and particularly praised the school SENCos for listening and supporting their children and themselves.  They made comments like: “It’s a little community.  It’s a little family.  I trust the teachers and it’s a community school.”
  • It was a privilege to visit Granard Primary School and to witness such excellent inclusive practice.


In June 2022, the IQM assessor visited the school to carry out the 1 year review of Granard Primary School’s Centre of Excellence targets, and we continue to be a Centre of Excellence.


The assessor commented

“I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Granard Primary School, as part of their Centre of Excellence Year 1 review.

It is clear from the review process that the leaders continue to prioritise inclusion.  Their work towards the IQM targets over the past 12 months has had significant, positive impact.  Therefore, I recommend that the school retains its Centre of  Excellence Award.”




In May 2021, we achieved the Inclusion Quality Mark’s  Inclusive School Award with

Centre of Excellence status.  

A huge thank you to the staff, children, parents and governors who were involved in helping us achieve this.  Here are just a few comments received from the assessor:

  • Granard Primary is an aspirational and positive community that puts great emphasis on the key qualities of compassion, care and empathy in order to create the ideal conditions for students to learn and progress to the best of their abilities and achieve at the highest level possible.  It invests greatly in preparing students to be well rounded citizens.  The school works hard to ensure students achieve their best potential and develop resilience for life in a challenging world.
  • The school acts as an inclusive hub for local families and the    local area ensuring that the inclusive ethos is a living and breathing feature of the school. There are strong relationships between all stakeholders and respect for each other is evident throughout the school.
  • Pupils are courteous, polite and they respond positively to all adults.
  • Pupils at Granard Primary are happy and confident individuals who feel safe and secure within a nurturing environment.  The school motivates pupils to become life-long learners and encourages resilience, perseverance, tolerance and respect for themselves and others.
  • The school’s excellent reputation as a highly inclusive school makes it a provision of choice for pupils with SEND.
  • The school provides a broad and balanced curriculum which is designed to meet the needs and interests of the pupils. 


The extensive range of other opportunities enriches the pupils’ knowledge and life experiences within and beyond the classroom.







We very pleased to have been awarded the Inclusion Quality Mark.

It is a significant achievement for the school and represents a great deal of hard work from the whole school community.

Thank you to all the staff, parents and children who helped us get this award.