Granard Primary School

"Growing together; Achieving together"


What is a Governor?

Governors are volunteers and can be described as ‘critical friends’ of the school.


They are involved in overseeing every aspect of school life, including the success of the school organisation, budget and staffing.


They work with the Headteacher to lead and manage the school.


The Governing Board’s responsibility is to ensure the school provides a good quality education for its pupils.


When setting the aims and policies for the school, Governors work to promote an effective teaching and learning environment.


The Headteacher is responsible for the day-to-day running and management of the school with the staff, but is supported by the Governing Board.


There are four types of Governors:

  • Local Authority Governors – these are appointed by the Local Authority;
  • Co-opted Governors – these are Governors who are elected by other members of the Governing Board and have skills which are of particular interest;
  • Parent Governors – elected by parents of children attending Granard;
  • Staff Governors – elected by the staff and include teachers, support staff and our Headteacher.


The role of the Governing Board at Granard is to be accountable for the school’s performance to the parents and the wider community.


With the Headteacher, the Governing Board plans the school’s short and long term aims and objectives.


It makes high level decisions on the school’s budget and staffing.


It is responsible for ensuring the school sticks to the requirements of the National Curriculum and looks after pupil’s spiritual, moral and social development.


The Governors have a commitment to provide for all pupils, including those with special needs.


There are 3 committees on our Governing Board:

  • CFC – Children, Families and Community
  • C&A – Curriculum and Achievement
  • Resources – Personnel, Premises and Finance


Governors are allocated to be a member of one or two of these committees which meet each term.

In addition, the whole Governing Board meets once each term.



How to become a Parent Governor

Anyone can become a Governor.


You do not have to be an expert.


An interest in the school, enthusiasm and an active commitment to helping ensure the school be the best it can is much more important.


The most important attributes of a Governor are:

  • To bring different experience and interest from many walks of life;
  • To be able to work closely with others in decision-making;
  • To ensure that any work involved in these decisions is followed up and completed;
  • To be able to spend time at the school and with the staff and pupils in order to understand how the school works;
  • To be a good listener – a Governor is a ‘critical friend’.  Governors are there to challenge and support the school.



Cheryl Grigg


Co-opted Governors


Andy Wheeler (Deputy Headteacher)



Malcolm Turner - Chair

When I was asked to become a governor of Granard I was delighted to accept, having long had an interest in education.  I am convinced of the fundamental importance of a well rounded social and academic education, particularly in the early years of a child's life, and hope as a governor of Granard to be able to contribute to the excellence of the school.



Jackie Savage - Vice Chair

I wanted to be a Governor at Granard because I have always worked in education and now I have retired I wanted to see if my experience could be useful.  Also the school is close to the Dover House Estate Allotments of which I am Chair.  I would like to see further co-operation and links between the allotments and the school, particularly with regard to environmental issues.


Claudia Mendes Barros - Parent Governor




Donna Magor - Parent Governor

As a parent governor, I am honoured to be able to serve Granard Primary School, and in doing so play my part in trying to help hundreds of children access the best education they can!

Having grown up, and studied, outside of the UK being able to share and amalgamate my experiences with my colleagues at Granard has been a great opportunity to explore the fantastic work already done here at Granard and to comment on the pros and cons of alternate approaches I may have experienced.

It is with great pride that I, a parent, am able to be a part of the great institute that is Granard Primary School and to be able to help both my children and yours have an amazing experience here in the heart of our community, Granard Primary School.


Dhillon Shenoy - Associate Governor

I wanted to be a governor because of my interest in education and leadership, and to offer my perspective and experience as a young person from the local area with recent experience of being a school pupil myself.  I also felt it would be an effective way of using my time outside of my own studies to offer my service and commitment to the wider community.  I additionally volunteer as a charity trustee so am particularly looking forward to learning more about governance within the education sector, as well as using my skills and experience to support the school and its people.


Hannah Gomersall

I have been safeguarding governor of Granard since 2016 and have really enjoyed getting to know the hard-working staff and children.  I work as a barrister in family law (Child Protection) and have a background in teaching.  I wanted to become a governor as I hoped my professional skills would help the school ensure children are safe, happy and able to reach their full potential.



Keith Swabey - Local Authority Governor

Although I only joined the school in 2021, I have loved every minute of it.  Despite my background being in finance and not education, the combination of willingness to spend time in the role, as well as some experience in management, has meant it has been great fun and very rewarding.  Being involved is the key to that fun and now I help out as a reader for a couple of mornings a week.  Watching the children develop and improve in this crucial skill is simply brilliant. 


Laura Polglase

I enjoyed my primary school – although our pool was outside and freezing – and consider the first years of education to be a crucial part of a child’s development . I hope I can bring experience of having volunteered with the local Citizens Advice for over 10 years as well as living in Putney since 1987.  I also like gardening and walking my dog and appreciate the unique benefits of the outside space of the school and the links with the allotments.


Luca Chowdery

My brothers and I attended Granard Primary School as children, with my mother also supporting the school with events too.  We left with warm memories and a well-rounded education, making Granard very dear to us.  Having worked as a primary school teacher for twelve years and in school management for five years, I am very pleased to have the opportunity now to support Granard, all these years later.  Sharing the same educational ideals as Granard and to work with such a strong team already in place, I am sure we will continue to achieve these ideals and high standards, while personally enjoying being part of the wonderful community again.


Mary McGovern

Having worked as a teacher for nearly twenty years, I sought this role as I thought some of the skills and insight I have gained from working within a school would be of benefit to a governing board.  I know the role will allow me to gain new skills and further develop existing ones, whilst looking at a school through a different lens.  After meeting Cheryl and Malcolm during lockdown I felt very welcomed and was immediately excited about joining Granard's Governing Board and the school community. 


Shirley Hobson

Being a Governor at Granard, my local Primary School, has given me the opportunity of using my experience in Art and Children’s Literature, as well as working for a national Newspaper group, to help consolidate the Granard ethos of providing a well-balanced, egalitarian education for all our young pupils.  During my time as a Governor, I have enabled an annual Art Show at Putney Library and encouraged the setting up of Book Clubs for the pupils as well as meeting termly with the School Council to hear the pupil voice.


Robert Dyson


Staff Governor