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Granard Primary School

"Growing together; Achieving together"
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Cheryl Grigg


Co-opted Governors


Andy Wheeler (Deputy Headteacher)



Bob Dyson



Elaine Barnwell

I loved my local authority primary school and believe that those early years are key for forming vital behavioural and social skills and a love of learning for the rest of one's life. I live locally to Granard and I believe it is taking great strides to be an egalitarian, inclusive and progressive primary for local children. I hope that the skills I have learned in my IT/Business career will be of use in position as Governor.


Hannah Gomersall



Hawo Mohamud - Parent Governor


Helen Speedy - Parent Governor

As a parent of two children at Granard Primary, I was keen to join the board of governers in order to give something back to the school and to offer support to the leadership with my expertise as a manager in the recruitment and employment industry.  I have been fortunate enough to benefit from an excellent education both at home (in a family of teachers) and at school.  I believe passionately that there should be equality for all across all areas of life and equality of education is vital in achieving this.


Hilary Belden

I wanted to join the Granard Governing Board, when the Chair, Wendy Gairdner, suggested it, for several reasons.  I live locally and am much involved with St Margaret’s: Granard is our nearest school and has lots of connections with our church.  I am a secondary teacher, and Chair of Governors in an Ealing secondary school, William Perkin, and I wanted to support students at primary age and understand their experience better.  My speciality, both as a teacher and  on the Governing Board is the curriculum, and I now chair the Curriculum and Achievement Committee.  Thank you, Granard, for letting me join you!


Malcolm Turner - Co-Chair


When I was asked to become a governor of Granard I was delighted to accept, having long had an interest in education.  I am convinced of the fundamental importance of a well rounded social and academic education, particularly in the early years of a child's life, and hope as a governor of Granard to be able to contribute to the excellence of the school


Jackie Savage

I wanted to be a Governor at Granard because I have always worked in education and now I have retired I wanted to see if my experience could be useful.  Also the school is close to the Dover House Estate Allotments of which I am Chair.  I would like to see further co-operation and links between the allotments and the school, particularly with regard to environmental issues.


Shirley Hobson



Tony Hawksley

I believe that a good education is key to a fulfilled life and primary school is where children learn so many life skills such as tolerance, respect, good manners as well as the pleasure of learning and participation in non academic activities such as sport, dance and PE.  I hope I can make a small contribution to Granard as it strives to provide the best possible start to young children.



Local Authority Governor

Susana Knaudt - Co-Chair

I have always believed that high quality education is a critical component of a child’s development. Being a Governor allows me to play a role in that process.  Since joining the Governing Board in 2011, I have been witness to the incredible work that the school does to provide a well-rounded and enriching experience to each of our pupils, instilling core learning and social values that will contribute to their success in the future.  I use my experience in management and finance in the various committees that I am part of, as well as in planning the strategic direction of the school. 


Staff Governor

Oliver Thorn

Since arriving at Granard I have been made to feel extremely welcome by the staff and the wider school community.  Having thoroughly enjoyed my first year, I am now looking to take a more active role in influencing the direction the school is taking and the role of staff governor is the perfect way for me to achieve this.  In addition to this, I am looking forward to meeting and learning more about the school from our governors!





Liz Murray (Deputy Headteacher)




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