Granard Primary School

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What should I do if I am concerned about my child's progress or special educational needs?

Should you have any concerns about your child, please come in and talk to us.  The first step should be to speak to your child’s class teacher who will be happy to arrange a suitable time to meet. You can arrange a time to meet either by:

  • Speaking to them directly at the end of the day

  • By calling the school on 020 8788 3606

  • Emailing the main office at

  • If you have further concerns, please contact: Monika Zielinska–Pietruszka or Ros Pointer, SENCos.


If you are a prospective parent and have concerns about your child or would like to discuss how your child could be supported, please contact Monika Zielinka-Pietruszka or Ros Pointer on 020 8788 3606.


As a school, we have designed a ‘Parent Concern Form’ to help support you in thinking through your concerns and supporting a conversation with your child’s class teacher/SENCo.  It is completely optional but we hope it will help you in organising and developing your thoughts before meeting with us.


A copy can be collected from the school office or downloaded from our website.