Granard Primary School

"Growing together; Achieving together"

Meet the Staff

Headteacher: Mrs C Grigg

Deputy Headteacher: Mr A Wheeler

 Assistant Headteacher: Mr A Dark




Support Staff



Mrs K Athill (Mon-Wed)

Ms E Rendell (Wed-Fri)

Mrs S Bolt, Mrs R Tugwell and Miss T Flanagan

Reception Rosen

Miss R Marsh

Mrs L Sheerin, Miss K MacNeill and Miss A Adeyemi

1A McKee

Ms T Abdalla

Miss K Stephen, Miss S Hancock (a.m.) and

Ms N Ribeaux (p.m.)

2F Potter


Ms C Folkes

Mr S Smith

2Q Foreman


Mrs H Quazi


Miss A Bell and Miss C Ebanks

3M Murphy


Miss L Marshall-Ash

Mrs W Bolt and Miss T Collinson

4B Dahl


Miss S Beckford

Miss D Barton and Mrs S Murtaza (a.m.)

4F Lewis


Miss G Fenton

Miss G Welch

5G Morpurgo


Miss E Greenwell 

Miss S Jones and Ms P Soundrarajan

5S Wilson


Miss F Smith

Mr E Coats


6B Pullman


Miss J Breeze

Mrs L Lyons

6R Rowling


Miss S Rahmani

Mrs A Masmoudi


SEN Team

Mrs A Ovakimian

Mr A Innes

Mr R Agyapong, Ms M Ali, Miss A Fitzgerald and

Ms N Ribeaux (a.m.)

Lunchtime Supervisors - Mainstream


Mrs W Ahmadzai, Ms L Dunne and Ms S McWilliam



Miss E Goodchild 

Miss H Wood and Mrs Q Wuu

Miss A Magee



Mrs M Lloyd-Dehler

Mrs S Senanayake and Mrs S El Asri



Miss L Broaster

Miss A Carter and Miss S Watson-Walters



Miss A McAvoy

Mrs K Doswell, Mrs D Dempsey and Miss N Hutchinson

Lunchtime Supervisor - Base


Miss K Peach

Base SENCO/LEAD     Mrs L O’Reilly



Dr M Higgins – Educational Psychologist (EP)

Ms S Foyle – Speech and Language Therapist (SALT)

Ms S Bouwer – Occupational Therapist (OT)


Other Teaching Staff

SEN: Miss R Pointer

SEN: Mrs M Zielinska

 Music: Mrs R Chapman


Office Staff/Other Support Staff

Business Manager: Mrs S Broaster

Admissions/Attendance Assistant: Miss S Steward

SLT/Governors’ PA: Mrs K Humphreys

Administration Assistant: Miss D Turner

Finance Officer: Mrs D Sullivan 

Site Manager: Mr S Andrews

FLO: Miss C Partridge

EAL: Mrs P Sheikh

IT Technician: Mr C Jackson



Therapy Staff

UP Lead: Mrs L A Snape

UP Therapist: Ms L Tennant

 Social Worker: Ms S Copeland

UP Therapist: Ms M Gumbley

UP Therapist: Ms Z Witchell



Catering Staff

Ms K Evans

Ms K Comrie

Ms P Atkins

Ms G Tumba


Breakfast Club/After School Care Staff

Mrs S Osunkoya

Mrs E Percival

Miss G Welch


Swimming Staff

Mrs A Filbey

Mrs K Carter

Miss C Vigolla


Cleaning Staff

Mr  J Brown

Ms L Beltre Feliz

Mr R Pascual

Mr D Pinera

Ms L Walters

Mr E Montecillo

Ms W Busby

Ms F Elmi