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"Growing together; Achieving together"
Parents have commented that "Granard is a well managed school with good and helpful staff", "All staff are hardworking and care for the children", "Granard is a wonderful school; it is diverse and electric with fun, caring and very hardworking staff", "My children enjoy their time at school". Early Years parents have said "I am very pleased with the start my child has made in Reception. He has made good progress already", "I'm more than happy to have chosen Granard for my child". KS1 parents have said "We think the school is fantastic - good teaching and a good ethos", "My children are very confident and enjoy learning". KS2 parents have said "She has really done well and I'm a proud parent".

School Council

School Council Representatives

Granard Primary School

2019 - 2020








2F Foreman Tobias Amelia
2WF Potter Jacob Ellie
3R King-Smith Kylan Wania
3T Murphy Kaleem Kayla
4B Dahl Robert Karmella
4T Lewis Mani Adriana
5H Wilson Seth Amy
5S Morpurgo Haruun Fareeha
6M Pullman Amir Natasha
6R Rowling Kyron Taraf
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What is the School Council


At the start of the academic year classes from Year 2 to 6 elected two school council representatives, one girl and one boy. 


The School Council representatives are integral to life at Granard because they:


  • help each and every pupil have a say in the running of the school
  • provide a link between the pupils, the teachers, Mrs Grigg and the Governors
  • share the pupils' thoughts, ideas and concerns about the school
  • help to make decisions on important events in the school year


The School Council, which is led by Miss Pinkess, meets on a fortnightly basis.  Each class has a school council book in which they can record any notes from the meetings.  Items discussed in school council meetings are then presented to the remainder of the student body during whole class PSHE and circle time lessons.

Visit from Justine Greening - Secretary of State for Education

Friday, 4th November 2016


Today Justine Greening, Secretary of State for Education and MP for Putney, Roehampton and Southfields, visited Granard Primary School.  She toured the school, visited classrooms, watched a Year 4 brass lesson and spent some time with the school council. 


Justine thoroughly enjoyed her meeting with the school council and told the children that they were very lucky to be part of such an important group, as when she was at school there was no such thing as a school council.  The school councillors spoke confidently about their role within the school and promoted their commitment to improving the school as guided by the pupil body.  Ms Greening was most impressed by the children's dedicated attitude towards the school and concluded her meeting by wishing them well in all their future projects.


VISITOR NUMBER: 1 3 6 5 4 8