Granard Primary School

"Growing together; Achieving together"

RM Rosen

RM Rosen


Reception Teacher - Miss R Marsh

Teaching Assistants - Mrs L Sheerin, Miss K MacNeill and Miss A Adeyemi

Reception Hours


Morning session  :  8.45 a.m.   –   12 p.m.

Lunch  :  12 p.m.   –   1 p.m.

Afternoon session  :  1 p.m.   –   3.15 p.m.


Break  :  10.10 a.m. - 10.25 a.m.

Helping your child to read at home

This film is a teaching tool for parents to assist their child to read at home. Please watch in HD quality by pressing on the 'cog symbol' on the right bottom of tool bar and changing the settings to 1080p HD.

Sounds of the English Phonic Code -Synthetic Phonics.wmv

Tami Reis-Frankfort, reading specialist and trainer, demonstrates how to pronounce the sounds of the English Phonic Code, when teaching children to read with...